Światowy Dzień Ziemi – coroczne święto obchodzone na całym świecie 22 kwietnia. Z tej okazji uczniowie naszej szkoły realizowali na lekcjach języka angielskiego zagadnienia związane z tym wydarzeniem. Przygotowali prace plastyczne i krótką informację na temat Dnia Ziemi w języku angielskim.

Earth Day

 Every year in spring, on 22nd April millions of people all over the world celebrate Earth Day. This holiday is an international event celebrated to pledge support for environmental protection. After a giant oil spill in the Pacific Ocean Gaylord Nelson created the idea of Earth Day. The celebration started in 1970 in the USA, and it quickly became a global event.

On Earth Day, people clean their towns, cities and forests. Instead of driving cars people ride their bikes or use public transport. Children participate in lessons, and learn how to save water, energy and how to recycle glass, plastic and paper.

In Poland, people also clean up towns, cities and forests. They also plant trees. At school, children do projects about Earth Day, and they learn how important it is to protect the environment. At schools and in the cities there are special places for people to bring their e-waste.

What do you do to protect the environment?